27 October Join The Jump – Party

Posted 26 October 2012 by Lene

Skyttegade 3, 2200 Kbh N

14:00- 24:00 //No entrance fee

A people’s celebration

Learn how to order a shawarma in arabic at 5 pm.

Visit the multi-culti-cooffee-cake-stand from 2.45 pm.

Create your own portrait in the workshop at 2.30 pm.

Have your hair cut from 2.15 – you decide the prize

Listen to the real life stories of refugees of the house and get to know more about DFUNK at 2.15 pm.

Buy a ticket and join the people’s dinner at 6 pm.

Join in on traditional kurdish dancing at 8 pm.

At 9 pm live concerts kick in.

Rasmus Hoff plays blues rock, Pladevennerne is a funky DJ-collective and Rastamands Gade brings danish reggae and good vibes that gets you dancing.

Allow yourself to get lost in this multi-cultural, festive jungle

and get to know the trampoline house. A place where friends of all countries of the world hang out. Asylum seekers, refugees as well as native danes.

Check out the Trampolinehouse and remember to send warm thoughts to Imagine Nørrebro for this initiative. Hopefully this event will focus some attention on the house, asylum in general and raise the money needed for this non-profit cultural center Trampolinehouse to stay stable in 2013 as well.

4 October: ‘Smoker’s Banko’

Posted 1 October 2012 by Lene

Rust, Guldbergsgade 8, 2200 KBH N (In the cozy bar and smoker’s lounge on 1st floor)

21:00 – 23:00 // no entrance fee, but you pay to play

Craving for a night of practicing numbers in danish? Properly not, but this game is a lot of fun and I’m sure host Miss Foster is willing to repeat in english.

For newbies I will quickly mention the rules of Banko:

Buy a ‘Banko board’ (1 piece is 25 kr, 3 pieces 50 kr) and find a comfortable seat before the game starts at 22:00.

Listen to the numbers being drawn. If you have got the number on your board, put a piece to cover it.

If you are the first to have all your numbers drawn you in this case WIN A BICYCLE! (Memo: Yell “Banko”!!)

See facebook for more info (in danish though)

29 September Opening of Henning Young

Posted 27 September 2012 by Lene

Krimsvej 13 C, 1. sal, 2300 København S (Øresund Metro St.)

18:00 – ? // no entrance fee

A new initiative in town..

I know some of the guys behind this new music venue and I promised them I would keep it short.

So, the opening of Henning Young means:


-Free concerts from 19:00-02:00

-Cheap beer, drinks and Snaps.

-Very cheap food around 18:30.


We are gonna have a party and you’re invited.

Read more about the bands on facebook.

26 September B-Daze Festival warm-up

Posted 24 September 2012 by Lene

Den Grå Hal, Christiania, 1440 København K

16:00 – 02:00 // no entrance fee

CRE8ARS has done it again..

B-daze is an underground festival happening on the 41st birthday of Christiania.

This means 5 days of hiphop, reggae and dancehall music, rap, breakdance, battles, skate, workshops and chill out spaces like the ones only Christinia has.

The lineup contains underground music and well-known artists such as Wafande, Klumben, Shaka Loveless and Raske Penge as well as the american beatboxer Rahzel from N.Y.C.

You can see the total line-up on facebook or this site.

Please notice that it runs from 26th of september to 1st of October and that there is an entrance fee around 120/150 kr all other days but wednesday.

So, if you want to get to know Christiania, this is a good day to experience the place and the atmosphere. Look around, watch the skaters, have a view of the lake and try the delicious vegan food at MorgenStedet. One thing is for sure: You are most welcome.

22 September Inside Out 2400

Posted 21 September 2012 by Lene

Møntmestervej, 2400 København NV

20:30- 23:30 // no entrance fee

Take a stroll down Møntmestervej and get an impression of the people living here.

One person is doing his laundry, another talking to her canary.

No less than 50 different portraits and pictures of residents tell the story of what is going on inside.

The gable is the screen and there is plenty of interaction for smart phone users. You can also just borrow a mp3-player and get on the ‘audiowalk’ and find out what ‘augmented reality’ is all about.

A lot of people were involved in this project but the main artists are Hanne Lise Thomsen and Kassandra Wellendorf.

22 September Social Street Party

Posted 21 September 2012 by Lene

Mimersgade/Ægirsgade, 2200 København N

10:00 – 23:00

Have you met Mor Jane?

She is the owner of Café Viking, a small, cosy pub on the corner where Ægirsgade meets Mimersgade, Nørrebro.

She has had enough of the vandalism and violent behavior lately, so she came up with ‘NEJ TIL VOLD- JA TIL SAMMENHOLD’. It is an initiative for people to get together and have fun no matter nationality, age, religion etc.

So, if you are in the neighborhood, make sure to swing by and take a stand for social cohesion.

Obviously there is no better excuse for enjoying a beer and good music.

19 September: BangDing Wednesdays

Posted 19 September 2012 by Lene

Oak Room, Birkegade 10, 2200 København N

21:00-05:00 // free entrance

“No artsy fartsy! No kids! No dress code! Just fresh party time”

BangDing Wednesdays present a new artist every week and this time it is Barbara Moleko & Exampler who are up.

They formed a duo named XOB and 3 months ago they released their debut EP “Enchantments”.

It is modern urban soul music that goes hand in hand with cocktail sipping and partying.

Get a preview on their music here and remember to:

“BangDing jer selv”

18 september: 1950s roller disco

Posted 11 September 2012 by Lene

Superkilen, Nørrebrogade 208, 2200 KBH N

17:00 – 20:00 // skate rental: DKK 20 per hour

In connection with the Golden Days Festival it is time for a review on life back in the 1950s.

On this day 2200kultur will turn the red square into a huge dance floor where you will find whatever is necessary to get the 1950s feeling.

Bring your roller skates, blades or other kinds of wheels and join the swinging crowd.

Hang out, buy some candy floss and learn how to do the perfect bump in the free hair-style workshop.

If you don’t know how to skate simply join the free workshop on 13th of September taking place at the green square 17-19. On this day there will be a professional instructor helping you out.

(Please notice that you have to bring your own roller skates on this warm-up day)

Last but not least: If the disco makes you hungry, Nørrebrohallen will provide a cheap 1950s menu.

To read more about Golden Days, see their site.

16 may: Tour de Future

Posted 15 May 2012 by Lene

Superkilen, Nørrebrogade 208, 2200 KBH N (The area is also known as “den røde plads”)

10:00- 24:00


April 11 a bicycle caravan started out in Skagen. It has made its way through 40 cities across the danish country and wednesday we get the chance to join in.

Pimp your bike and chill in the multi-ethnic surroundings at Superkilen, and join the crowd heading for Christiansborg Palace Square at 2 pm.

It is all in favor of our environment and to encourage prime minister Helle Thorning to take the political lead for a green future in connection with the Rio Earth Summit this summer.

At Christiansborg Palace Square there will be concerts by Raske Penge/Klumben, Eaggerstunn and Pharfar, various speeches, free fair-trade coffee and the like from 4 pm. At 6 pm the afterparty starts at ‘Global’ located on Nørre Allé 7, where there is cheap food and lots of music.

Read more about the project on their site or see facebook.

9 april: Easter sale in Gemmeren

Posted 5 April 2012 by Lene

Fælledvej 9, 2200 KBH N


Once in a while I find a really good 2nd hand store and this is no exception. Gemmeren is probably the most ‘hyggelig’ and cheap store I have ever found in Copenhagen. And that’s why I simply had to start contributing there a few weeks back.

Our neighbors bring us piles of pretty dresses, pumps and t-shirts. We have got clothes for both sexes and items like LP’s, CD’s, paintings and accessories.

This Easter an army of chicks and yellow stuff has invaded Gemmeren and we want to invite you inside. Have a look around and relax with a cup of coffee on the couch.

It is going to be really cheap and the money you spend goes to Folkekirkens Nødhjælp and their work in the world’s poorest countries as usual.

Check out Gemmeren at Facebook and go “get your chick on” with me.

The Venus labyrinth

Posted 20 March 2012 by Leh

Guest writer and passionate Copenhagen lover Nikolaj, who is also the man behind the blog Stauning eller Kaos recommends you to pay a visit to The Venus Labyrinth.


“No excuse! Do not miss out on this thrilling experience.

The Venus Labyrinth is an individual and interactive journey that contains 28 installation rooms, corresponding to the 28 known areas of the human brain, each room inhabited by a woman/performer. Each spectator enters the labyrinth alone, with a few minutes interval, and joins these women in a unique, sensorial and emotional experience. No spectator is presented with the entire labyrinth; no two spectators will view or share the same experience.

First you enter a large room. Lying among others you have to choose three objects, that’ll determine which rooms you’ll visit during your stay in the labyrinth.
The first room I visited was called ‘emotional centers’. Before I entered the room I was told to put on a blindfold. I did and a woman led me inside the room. Soft classical music was playing and we started to dance. First a bit awkward, but I got into it and began to feel comfortable. She was humming along to the tune. Our bodies were close. But suddenly she started to cry – at first silently then louder and more hysterically. A bit later her mood suddenly changed, and she started laughing. We were still dancing. Then the music grew more intense, and then she started screaming and went banging on the walls! After the outburst she came back to me, calmed down and we danced again. She started to hum like in the beginning. Relaxed. After a while the music stopped. She told me to take of the blindfold. She looked me straight in the eyes, while I left the room.

I visited two more rooms – each very different. One of them was named ‘sexuality’ and that room were even more intense than the first room I visited. But I won’t tell you what happened in there. You have to go see for yourself. An exhilarating experience awaits.

/ Stauning eller Kaos.”