The Room

Posted 6 March 2011 by Leh

I got an invitation from my friend - an invitation given to me in great enthusiasm: “Oh My Gosh! Leh, you HAVE to come with us and see this fucked up movie!”. Supposedly it’s the worst movie in the world. It’s so bad that it’s now cult and is even shown every midnight in selective theatres in LA and New York. My curiosity had been awaken, so yeah off course I would like to join her, along with six others of her friends, that she had highjacked for the night.

The movie is shown in the house theater in Huset i Magstræde (the House in Magstræde) – a house which apart from a theater, contains other spaces for different cultural events. It’s a charming old building placed in the “medieval” part of Copenhagen. There hasn’t been done any dramatic changes and therefore the house has kept its original atmosphere and soul.

In the foyer of the theater, we meet an excited manager. He’s wearing a The Room tee and is running around hanging up small notes, with the most famous lines from the movie. He asks us if we’ve ever seen the movie and I can tell that he could talk for hours about the small details making this movie unique.

There are a lot of young people here and the place is soon packed. The foyer is buzzing and the atmosphere is unpretentious. You’re almost certain to meet and talk to new people.

The doors to the theater open. It has app. 60 seats which gives sort of a livingroom feel to it. The manager presents the movie – both in Danish and English and hands out pillows; we’re all going to be pillow fighting every time the characters in the movie are; appearently, this happens a lot without any course or context. He also hands out spoons!?

During the film people are interacting, talking, laughing, making loud jokes, going in and out bringing more beers from the bar outside, tossing spoons -AHA! The spoons are handed out to be tossed; appearently there are a lot of pictures of spoons (???) in the room in The Room. And now you might wonder if all that traffic, chaos and talking in a theatre aren’t a big annoyence. But don’t worry, on the contrary this have a great effect. It actually just feels like sitting at home, with 60 of your closest friends, having a blast with the worst movie you have ever seen.

The Room is shown the first friday in each month - see event for more info.

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