Stories: Flea Market in Jægersborggade

Posted 1 May 2011 by Lene

Saturday, 30th of April I got up early to find all the good stuff at the flea market first. Wearing the very first summer dress of the year and escorted by my best friend, I headed for Jægersborggade.

Stalls with clothes, shoes, cd’s and records had turned the street into a paradise for secondhand lovers and more and more people from nearby  joined in.

The street was crowded, but people took their time strolling down the street and chatting with each other, so it never got too hectic.

(Probably because of the calming live music provided by the two guys at Record Store)

I stumbled upon many interesting things like old wooden chairs, people’s own artwork and alternative accessories like long necklaces with a plastic dinosaur toy attached. So, of course we lost track of time completely, but when we left the street hours later I was quite satisfied with my catch of the day:

An Ipod mini, 40 kr, a black satin dress, 20 kr and what I needed the most: A nice summer jacket with huge pockets from Won Hundred, 40 kr.












I hope that other participants agree with me when I say that it was a good spot to find new “personal favorites” and that we owe the organizers a big “thank you”.

So, thank you so much, dear organizers. It was wonderful.

I am really glad I went there and I will definitely be back next year!


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