Stories: Build your own sledge

Posted 3 January 2012 by Lene

Look at me, I built my own super-shiny, golden and faster-than-lightning sledge the other day.

Rumor has it that homemade sledges range very high on the christmas lists this year, so my friend and I went to build a sledge.

They gave us the 5 wooden pieces and said with a crooked smile: “You might need to polish the edges a bit”. And so we did. For 30 minutes. By-passers gladly stopped to look at us working, commenting and giving advice for the two girls at my own age, who had a hard time using the drilling machine. (Not that I was any better)

All day long we were a bunch of enthusiastic people present, children as well as adults, with sawdust on our clothes and paint on our hands. The crew at the event was very welcoming and dressed in Santa suits. So, it was a thrill to turn to the cute Santa Claus and ask for more screws and another piece of sand paper.

It took us about an hour to build two sledges, but somehow it could be built and painted in less then 30 minutes (which two guys managed later that day-bummer). It wasn’t really cold but there was a certain feeling of winter, when people started leaving, dragging their sledge on the pavement home.

And the day after it actually snowed.


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