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Posted 30 January 2012 by Lene

Don’t ask me what exactly happened this day, because I don’t know. But it sure was something with words and soup like announced. And the soup was.. wow. A traditional Italian, dark bean soup with a “top” of puff pastry.

The students were placed in a cirkel and started off with a 2 minute long chorus of noisy chewing, whistles and random sounds. Then Chef Mauro Carinci Cara appeared on stage and explained about the soup with great passion. Time went by as I watched the soup in front of me, which we were told not to touch until a certain point in the performance.

A girl read out loud from a script and I am pretty sure she mentioned what is polish for ‘hot sausage’ and all of a sudden we were allowed to try the soup. The Chef gave instructions and we carefully added the chili, then the cheese and last the mint/lemon mix to the chorus going: ”Trans-for-ma-tion”.

There are 2 final Host Guest Ghost events to come and I should mention that Mauro Carinci Cara will publish a cook book with recipes from the events.

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