9 april: Easter sale in Gemmeren

Posted 5 April 2012 by Lene

Fælledvej 9, 2200 KBH N


Once in a while I find a really good 2nd hand store and this is no exception. Gemmeren is probably the most ‘hyggelig’ and cheap store I have ever found in Copenhagen. And that’s why I simply had to start contributing there a few weeks back.

Our neighbors bring us piles of pretty dresses, pumps and t-shirts. We have got clothes for both sexes and items like LP’s, CD’s, paintings and accessories.

This Easter an army of chicks and yellow stuff has invaded Gemmeren and we want to invite you inside. Have a look around and relax with a cup of coffee on the couch.

It is going to be really cheap and the money you spend goes to Folkekirkens Nødhjælp and their work in the world’s poorest countries as usual.

Check out Gemmeren at Facebook and go “get your chick on” with me.

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