22 September Inside Out 2400

Posted 21 September 2012 by Lene

Møntmestervej, 2400 København NV

20:30- 23:30 // no entrance fee

Take a stroll down Møntmestervej and get an impression of the people living here.

One person is doing his laundry, another talking to her canary.

No less than 50 different portraits and pictures of residents tell the story of what is going on inside.

The gable is the screen and there is plenty of interaction for smart phone users. You can also just borrow a mp3-player and get on the ‘audiowalk’ and find out what ‘augmented reality’ is all about.

A lot of people were involved in this project but the main artists are Hanne Lise Thomsen and Kassandra Wellendorf.

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