The Venus labyrinth

Posted 20 March 2012 by Leh

Guest writer and passionate Copenhagen lover Nikolaj, who is also the man behind the blog Stauning eller Kaos recommends you to pay a visit to The Venus Labyrinth.


“No excuse! Do not miss out on this thrilling experience.

The Venus Labyrinth is an individual and interactive journey that contains 28 installation rooms, corresponding to the 28 known areas of the human brain, each room inhabited by a woman/performer. Each spectator enters the labyrinth alone, with a few minutes interval, and joins these women in a unique, sensorial and emotional experience. No spectator is presented with the entire labyrinth; no two spectators will view or share the same experience.

First you enter a large room. Lying among others you have to choose three objects, that’ll determine which rooms you’ll visit during your stay in the labyrinth.
The first room I visited was called ‘emotional centers’. Before I entered the room I was told to put on a blindfold. I did and a woman led me inside the room. Soft classical music was playing and we started to dance. First a bit awkward, but I got into it and began to feel comfortable. She was humming along to the tune. Our bodies were close. But suddenly she started to cry – at first silently then louder and more hysterically. A bit later her mood suddenly changed, and she started laughing. We were still dancing. Then the music grew more intense, and then she started screaming and went banging on the walls! After the outburst she came back to me, calmed down and we danced again. She started to hum like in the beginning. Relaxed. After a while the music stopped. She told me to take of the blindfold. She looked me straight in the eyes, while I left the room.

I visited two more rooms – each very different. One of them was named ‘sexuality’ and that room were even more intense than the first room I visited. But I won’t tell you what happened in there. You have to go see for yourself. An exhilarating experience awaits.

/ Stauning eller Kaos.”


Host Guest Ghost

Posted 30 January 2012 by Lene

Don’t ask me what exactly happened this day, because I don’t know. But it sure was something with words and soup like announced. And the soup was.. wow. A traditional Italian, dark bean soup with a “top” of puff pastry.

The students were placed in a cirkel and started off with a 2 minute long chorus of noisy chewing, whistles and random sounds. Then Chef Mauro Carinci Cara appeared on stage and explained about the soup with great passion. Time went by as I watched the soup in front of me, which we were told not to touch until a certain point in the performance.

A girl read out loud from a script and I am pretty sure she mentioned what is polish for ‘hot sausage’ and all of a sudden we were allowed to try the soup. The Chef gave instructions and we carefully added the chili, then the cheese and last the mint/lemon mix to the chorus going: ”Trans-for-ma-tion”.

There are 2 final Host Guest Ghost events to come and I should mention that Mauro Carinci Cara will publish a cook book with recipes from the events.

Stories: Busty Heart at MOHS Gallery

Posted 8 January 2012 by Leh

Friday night the American world record champion Busty Heart, visited MOHS gallery on Vesterbro.

Busty has a world record in smashing stuff with her enormous boobs. I’m still not sure what the hell just happened…

My friend and photographer Kenneth Nguyen captured the essence – see the rest of the pictures on his blog.

Stories: Build your own sledge

Posted 3 January 2012 by Lene

Look at me, I built my own super-shiny, golden and faster-than-lightning sledge the other day.

Rumor has it that homemade sledges range very high on the christmas lists this year, so my friend and I went to build a sledge.

They gave us the 5 wooden pieces and said with a crooked smile: “You might need to polish the edges a bit”. And so we did. For 30 minutes. By-passers gladly stopped to look at us working, commenting and giving advice for the two girls at my own age, who had a hard time using the drilling machine. (Not that I was any better)

All day long we were a bunch of enthusiastic people present, children as well as adults, with sawdust on our clothes and paint on our hands. The crew at the event was very welcoming and dressed in Santa suits. So, it was a thrill to turn to the cute Santa Claus and ask for more screws and another piece of sand paper.

It took us about an hour to build two sledges, but somehow it could be built and painted in less then 30 minutes (which two guys managed later that day-bummer). It wasn’t really cold but there was a certain feeling of winter, when people started leaving, dragging their sledge on the pavement home.

And the day after it actually snowed.


Stories: Flea Market in Jægersborggade

Posted 1 May 2011 by Lene

Saturday, 30th of April I got up early to find all the good stuff at the flea market first. Wearing the very first summer dress of the year and escorted by my best friend, I headed for Jægersborggade.

Stalls with clothes, shoes, cd’s and records had turned the street into a paradise for secondhand lovers and more and more people from nearby  joined in.

The street was crowded, but people took their time strolling down the street and chatting with each other, so it never got too hectic.

(Probably because of the calming live music provided by the two guys at Record Store)

I stumbled upon many interesting things like old wooden chairs, people’s own artwork and alternative accessories like long necklaces with a plastic dinosaur toy attached. So, of course we lost track of time completely, but when we left the street hours later I was quite satisfied with my catch of the day:

An Ipod mini, 40 kr, a black satin dress, 20 kr and what I needed the most: A nice summer jacket with huge pockets from Won Hundred, 40 kr.












I hope that other participants agree with me when I say that it was a good spot to find new “personal favorites” and that we owe the organizers a big “thank you”.

So, thank you so much, dear organizers. It was wonderful.

I am really glad I went there and I will definitely be back next year!


Mike Sheridan in Brorsons Church

Posted 7 April 2011 by Leh

March 11th a couple of Hello Copenhageners went to Brorsons Church to listen to electro/ alternative music.

When we got there, people were lying all over the floor, just giving into the music. The only light came from the Vj’s light maschine which gave the whole experience a sinister fairytale feeling.

 I’m sure this event will be in my top ten events of this year and I hope it was not the last time the church gets invaded by light and soothing sounds.

My friend and photographer Kenneth Nguyen covered the event: 

See all the pictures at K-Nguyen’s photo blog

The Room

Posted 6 March 2011 by Leh

I got an invitation from my friend - an invitation given to me in great enthusiasm: “Oh My Gosh! Leh, you HAVE to come with us and see this fucked up movie!”. Supposedly it’s the worst movie in the world. It’s so bad that it’s now cult and is even shown every midnight in selective theatres in LA and New York. My curiosity had been awaken, so yeah off course I would like to join her, along with six others of her friends, that she had highjacked for the night.

The movie is shown in the house theater in Huset i Magstræde (the House in Magstræde) – a house which apart from a theater, contains other spaces for different cultural events. It’s a charming old building placed in the “medieval” part of Copenhagen. There hasn’t been done any dramatic changes and therefore the house has kept its original atmosphere and soul.

In the foyer of the theater, we meet an excited manager. He’s wearing a The Room tee and is running around hanging up small notes, with the most famous lines from the movie. He asks us if we’ve ever seen the movie and I can tell that he could talk for hours about the small details making this movie unique.

There are a lot of young people here and the place is soon packed. The foyer is buzzing and the atmosphere is unpretentious. You’re almost certain to meet and talk to new people.

The doors to the theater open. It has app. 60 seats which gives sort of a livingroom feel to it. The manager presents the movie – both in Danish and English and hands out pillows; we’re all going to be pillow fighting every time the characters in the movie are; appearently, this happens a lot without any course or context. He also hands out spoons!?

During the film people are interacting, talking, laughing, making loud jokes, going in and out bringing more beers from the bar outside, tossing spoons -AHA! The spoons are handed out to be tossed; appearently there are a lot of pictures of spoons (???) in the room in The Room. And now you might wonder if all that traffic, chaos and talking in a theatre aren’t a big annoyence. But don’t worry, on the contrary this have a great effect. It actually just feels like sitting at home, with 60 of your closest friends, having a blast with the worst movie you have ever seen.

The Room is shown the first friday in each month - see event for more info.

STORIES: Loving the Streetheart

Posted 8 June 2010 by Magda

It happened a while ago. It was a very pleasant Saturday- one of these days when it was actually sunny and warm. Place: Enghave Plads, Vesterbro. It was a mixture of street art, music, families, food, bevarages and skate competition for kids.

It was a proof, that Saturday afternoon does not have to be boring or just lazy- it can be nice and lazy with some good vibes. The vibes were provided by the dj’s who brought this summer mood to the people gathered around. One of the tunes that made us swing was Simply Red- Sunrise. I think it is pretty much self explanatory. Streetheart just rocked our hearts.

See event here

STORIES: we got distorted

Posted 7 June 2010 by Magda

We have been told: Distortion festival in Copenhagen is officially the beginning of the summer. It is almost like: if there will be no Distortion, there will be no summer. We had experienced a few street parties in Copenhagen so we kind of build up an image of what is going to be happening during these few days when Copenhagen is officially taken over by Copenhageners, music and sun.

There was everything: great weather, great music, chilled atmosphere and good moods. Norrebrogade was partly closed ( including the bridge) so people could enjoy a ‘festive mood’ with different kinds of music: from r&b to reggae and electro. However, what was really amazing was the party on the Knippelsbro (and under it)- the bridge actually did open ( even twice!).

Bravo Copenhagen!

See event here

Stories: sunny sunny sunny day

Posted 23 May 2010 by Magda

Looking back at this it was perfect. Let me say this again: per-fect! Just another Saturday afternoon, with the slight change- the weather was indeed tropical. Everything just seems to look better when it is sunny outside and you can finally forget your warm jackets and long boots.It is true what they say: once the summer starts in Copenhagen, it is so beautiful that you do not want to leave it.

We hopped on our bikes, had a nice bike ride to the Vesterbro area and reached the Meatpacking District where the flea market was taking place. It did not look big, but as we had discovered it was full of interesting things. Everybody got something: hats, sweaters, tshirts and a sun tan.

We fell in love with Copenhagen again.

See event here

STORIES: stop the human meatmarket!

Posted 22 May 2010 by Magda

This was not an ordinary party- Art Against Injustice was indeed a cultural experience gathering people to talk about the issue of Human Trafficking. It was a fusion of art, photography and music and one could really enjoy all of them.

While entering the area of the Meatpacking District, into a specific niche where Jolene, Karriere Bar, V1 Gallery and Kontrafarme are located, we could see a crowd. Not only we saw it, we also heard very moving, ballad- like music.

Due to good weather conditions whole event was taking place outside, including art battle and photo exhibition of 10 Danish and international photographers who conceptualized the issue of Human Trafficking.

There was also a lottery happening (truly exciting goodies) from which all the money went directly to This was indeed serious fun that we should all appreciate.

See event here