14 February: Be my valentine, bitch!

Posted 10 February 2012 by Leh
VESS Showroom, Oehlenschlægersgade 36, Vesterbro Show map
no entrance fee

17:00 – 20:00 // No entrance fee

“Valentines romance antidote for everyone”

This is my recommendation of, what you can do on Valentines day. Go to the “Tak for lort, bitch” (thanks for all your shit, bitch) exhibition at VESS showroom.

The exhibition is a dedication to two of the artist’s great ex’s who did not say “Tak for lort, kælling!” after they split up.

If you are not as intrigued as I am, show up for the free cocktails from the local cocktail pusher Boutique Lize and cold beers.

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11 February: CPH Movie Evenings

Posted 7 February 2012 by Plyck
Støberiet, Blågårds Plads 3, 2200 Copenhagen N. Show map
Free, cheap beer and popcorn.

20:00 – 23:00 // free entrance

Watch international films for free with Copenhagen Movie Evenings.

Tired of all the snow, minus degrees and icy pavements? Really just wanna stay at home, cuddled up in a blanket? Well, this event is worth fighting the cold winter for.

Every second Thursday of the month all winter long, CPH Movie Evenings shows films from all around the world, films reflecting the complex world we live in. All films will be in English or with English subtitles, and it’s films that are not premiering in the commercial cinemas. The keywords for the films showed is “identity and culture in a political and social world – one way or another.”

The films are for free and the cafe will sell popcorn and cheap beer. Another cool thing is that every film will be chosen by the audience who shows up on the evening. You can propose and read about the films on CPH Movie Evenings’ website.

So put on that woolen underwear, get out the door and enjoy a cozy evening at Støberiet.

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7 February: Sunday on a tuesday

Posted 5 February 2012 by Leh
Huset, Magstræde 14, second floor Show map
no entrance fee

19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00 // no entrance fee

Huset i Magstræde (the house in Magstræde) hosts various cultural events such as independant theatre and concerts. The house is really cosy and is located in the “old” crooked part of inner city.

There’s also a small cinema in the house, that features selected cult movies and on tuesday you can experience the cinema for free, when the Danish short film Søndag / herfra hvor vi står (Sunday / from where we stand) has its premier.

I’m expecting something really Copenhagen’ish as the main character is Steen Jørgensen, an “old” beloved Danish musician and because the story takes place in a traditional courtyard in Nørrebro. The plot is love.

The short film is 30 minutes long and is shown four times from 19:00 – 22:00. Remember cash if you want something from the bar. Prepare yourself for an all Danish experience; without knowing, I’m guessing it’s without subtitles – but don’t let that scare you off, love is an universal language right?

See the cinema’s program here.

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4 February: frost festival kick off party

Posted 4 February 2012 by Leh
Bremen Theatre, Nyrupsgade 39 - 41, city Show map
no entrance fee

23.00 – ?? // no entrance fee

Frost festival – a winter music festival – begins today and is celebrated with a party at Bremen Theatre.

The dj set looks cool – not that I’m an expert. But if I were to choose an alternative to the established club scene tonight, this would definitely be it!

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3 February: Backyard fun

Posted 3 February 2012 by Sasia
Kronprinse​nsgade 9, in the back at Le Fix behind Cheep Monday Show map
no entrance fee

16:00 – 19:00 // No entrance fee

A great way to start your weekend could be by dropping by Kronprinsensgade 9 in the backyard and chill with the two shops Cheap Monday and  Le Fix.

The two shops invites you to pancakes, coffee and some cold beers and don’t worry about the cold, there´s heat from inflamed oil barrels. The whole event is a continuation of a semi-annual neighborhood party  which is held at Kronprinsensgade. The street has been shut down for everyday traffic so that people can drop by and sit and chill in the street, enjoy DJ’s playing music and have a little fun wth friends.

So if you feel like celebrating the start of a great weekend, drop by  the backyard at Kronprinsensgade 9 and bring your perfect after-work/weekend mood and your friends.

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4 February: Copenhagen Fashion Week for treasure hunters!

Posted 1 February 2012 by Smunk
Korsgadehallen, Korsgade 29, Nørrebro Show map
Entrance fee 35 kr.

10:00-16:00 // entrance fee 35 kr.

This saturday, February 4th – Trendsales and Fashion Flea hosts an event at Korsgadehallen, Nørrebro.

110 different flea market stands stuffed with designer brands, vintage clothing, pretty purses and sassy accessories. The event is for all of you that get a kick out of haggling prices and having fun with all the other “hunters”.

You will definitely find me there digging through all the golden treasures!

The event starts at 10am and closes at 4pm. The entrance fee is 35 kr.

See you there!


Copenhagen Winter Jazz Festival

Posted 1 February 2012 by Smunk

Copenhagen invites you to get winter jazzy for the next two weeks!

The annual Copenhagen Winter Jazz festival has kick-off today and runs for two full weeks, with big and small jazz concerts all over Denmark.

One of the ideas behind the Winter Jazz festival is to put focus on all the dedicated jazz places all over Denmark, and to encourage different music venues to be more jazzy..

Most of the concerts are being held at small music venues and have free entries.

So get out there – support your local music café or bar and get jazzier! It will definitely keep you warm in the winter cold!

If you want to find out more, check out the program at: http://www.jazz.dk/

1 February: Urban Outfitter

Posted 31 January 2012 by Leh
Urban Outfitter, Strøget (Østergade 42), city Show map
no entrance fee

18:00 – 20:00 // no entrance fee

Urban Outfitters fashion reception is one of the more easy access ones.

Their PR event offers live music delivered by Kasper Bjørke, goodie bags to the first arrivers, plenty of free Carlsberg beers, energizing drinks and of course a sneak peak of a fashion collection – this time by Carin Wester (not a bad choice, I might add)

I took this picture at their event last summer – a lot of people are waiting to get a goodiebag, so if you want one, prepare to stand in line.

1 February: Street fashion reception

Posted 31 January 2012 by Leh
Rezet Store, Rådhusstræde 7 up the stairs to the right, city Show map
no entrance fee

16:00 – 19:00 // no entrance fee

As you may know,  this week has been declared fashion week in Copenhagen.

This of course means a lot of “hard to reach” parties and closed doors – but it also means small receptions and free drinks.

Rezet Store is a fairly new (and my personal favorite) sneaker store in Copenhagen. It’s a bit secluded from the busy Strøget and has a welcoming atmosphere.

The small shop is host when the ‘street’ brand Moustage is launching their new collection – their first collection was completely sold out, so I guess if you are into street fashion, this would not be a bad place to get some shopping inspiration.

Also there will be vodka/Burn for the thirsty and of course a dj will be spreading the good vibes.

Afterparty at Mesteren & Lærlingen at meetpacking district (Kødbyen)

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Host Guest Ghost

Posted 30 January 2012 by Lene

Don’t ask me what exactly happened this day, because I don’t know. But it sure was something with words and soup like announced. And the soup was.. wow. A traditional Italian, dark bean soup with a “top” of puff pastry.

The students were placed in a cirkel and started off with a 2 minute long chorus of noisy chewing, whistles and random sounds. Then Chef Mauro Carinci Cara appeared on stage and explained about the soup with great passion. Time went by as I watched the soup in front of me, which we were told not to touch until a certain point in the performance.

A girl read out loud from a script and I am pretty sure she mentioned what is polish for ‘hot sausage’ and all of a sudden we were allowed to try the soup. The Chef gave instructions and we carefully added the chili, then the cheese and last the mint/lemon mix to the chorus going: ”Trans-for-ma-tion”.

There are 2 final Host Guest Ghost events to come and I should mention that Mauro Carinci Cara will publish a cook book with recipes from the events.

29 January: Host Guest Ghost: Artistic Event & Soup

Posted 18 January 2012 by Lene
DANSEhallerne på Carlsberg, Pasteursvej 14, 1778 København V Show map

14:00 – 16:00 // no entrance fee (free soup for the first 200 visitors)

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and DANSEhallerne have invited the Brazilian artist Ricardo Basbaum for a hospitality project of 14 days in Copenhagen.

The project is called ‘Host Guest Ghost’ which states what seems to be the essence of the project: An international exchange of different types of art between the professional guest and the students of the Art Academy. The ghost in this matter is what happens when the audience and the artists meet.

At the 1st event in March 2011 the audience witnessed Chef Magnus Sonne on stage surrounded by heaps of ingredients and 2 modern dancers, dancing to the beat of his knife.

I can’t tell you what will happen this time, but it’s definitely going to be centred on words and soup, and most likely include more joy than an ordinary sleepy Sunday at home.

See more on these sites: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts &  DANSEhallerne