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2-3 March: Graffiti Exhibition by Kasper F. Nielsen

Posted 23 February 2012 by Plyck
Galleri VESS, Oehlenschlægersgade 36, 1663 København V. Show map
Free entrance

Free entrance // Friday 16-19  Saturday 13-17

Okay, I admit it: I’ve never really been a fan of graffiti. There’s just so much bad graffiti/tagging out there, so I never really gave this art form a fair chance. But, that stops now as I’ve stumbled upon Kasper F. Nielsen and his surrealistic photorealistic street art.

Kasper F. Nielsen has a fondness for Nørreport station, and some of the pieces in this exhibition are stencils on scraps from the renovation of this old train station. Kasper is inspired by thinkers such as Jean Baudrillard and Erving Goffman, and my favorite pieces are his graffitied S-train doors.

This vernissage won’t just be a display of well-executed and relevant street art, it will be an entire evening with street culture as DJ Poonyaporn Boontumma Breaks delivers the music. Don Fisso, an underground street clothing brand, will be displaying the latest collection characterized by the break dance movement and culture.

Depending on what you’re up for, you can also see the exhibition the day after, on Saturday. This will be a more classic have-a-glass-of-wine-while-you-walk-around-the-exhibition-listening-to-some-quiet-background-music event. No matter what you choose, go see this exhibition – Even if you’re not a breakdancing hand signs-throwing homeboy.

If you’re busy on the 2th or 3th, the exhibition will be at VESS until the 7th of March.

See the event on Facebook (in Danish, though)

27 February: a documentary about photographing skaters

Posted 20 February 2012 by Leh
Grand Teatret, Mikkel Bryggersgade 8, sidestreet to Strøget, city Show map
80 kr.

21:30 – ?? // 80 kr.

A “behind the scene” documentary about six european skate photographers, filmed completely on super 8 film. I’m not that much into skating, but this sounds like a big aesthetic experience. Especially if you’re both interested in photography and skating.

Read more about the movie and watch the trailer at SweetTalkCopenhagen.

Also some of the photos from the movie will be exhibited at hotel Fox (no entrance fee). Hotel Fox has some of the most amazing interieur decorations I’ve seen . If you haven’t been there yet – this is a good opportunity to both see a (I presume) great exhibition and a hotel out of the ordinary.

Book tickets at Grand Teatret.

24-26 February: Carlsberg and architecture

Posted 19 February 2012 by Leh
Carlsberg Breweries, the Elephant Gate. Ny Carlsbergvej 100, Vesterbro. Show map
no entrance fee

17:00 – 20:00 // no entrance fee

As some of you already know, the old Carlsberg brewery has gone through some changes these last years and there are still plenty to come.

Carlsberg has a special place in my Copenhagen heart. I grew up near the brewery and still remember the odd smell dominating Frederiksberg when Carlsberg was brewing. I’ve been distorted with Distortion at Carlsberg. I’ve trained at the parcour facilities at Carlsberg. Been at concerts, exhibitions, dance performances, playing with ropes etc.

This weekend Carlsberg invites us all to see what is next to come. Five architect studios are in the final round to realize their visions for the Carlsberg Brand Center. The picture shown here is the proposal done by “Effekt” which is exhibited along with the other four.

As an architect student and a local citizen I’m very exited to see what they’ve come up with. But. I’m not in any doubt that it will be equally as exciting for those where the name Carlsberg merely is a beer. The Carlsberg brewery is beautiful and if you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting, this would definitely be a recommendable time to do so.

Friday is the big vernissage 17:00 – 20:00. See the five big visions for the “Carlsberg brand center” – bar and dj.

Saturday the visions are presented by the architects. 11:00 – 16:00.

Sunday you can get guided tours and see the exhibition. 11:00 – 16:00.

Read more at visit Carlsberg

14 February: Be my valentine, bitch!

Posted 10 February 2012 by Leh
VESS Showroom, Oehlenschlægersgade 36, Vesterbro Show map
no entrance fee

17:00 – 20:00 // No entrance fee

“Valentines romance antidote for everyone”

This is my recommendation of, what you can do on Valentines day. Go to the “Tak for lort, bitch” (thanks for all your shit, bitch) exhibition at VESS showroom.

The exhibition is a dedication to two of the artist’s great ex’s who did not say “Tak for lort, kælling!” after they split up.

If you are not as intrigued as I am, show up for the free cocktails from the local cocktail pusher Boutique Lize and cold beers.

See event on facebook.

6 January: Fatamorgana

Posted 5 January 2012 by Leh
Stadens Museum for Kunst, Christiania - ask for directions once you enter the free town. Show map
no entrance fee

17:00 – ?? // no entrance fee

Fatamorgana – a school that nurses artistic photographers, is hosting a vernissage friday at Stadens Museum for kunst at Christiania.

I personally recommend this, as I happen to know one of the exhibiters and if his work is the standard, I predict that the exhibition will be amazing.

Beers and beats are available at the gallery.

15 November: Guerrilla Lighting

Posted 10 October 2011 by Leh
IT University, head entrance, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, Ørestad Show map
free entrance

19:00 – 20:30 // No entrance fee

Fall has come and the darkness with it. I say, why not exploit the darkness instead of mourning the light of summer?
This is exactly what Guerrilla Lighting is about; cutting through darkness with numerous colors, making the night appear as your allie.
The installation is a living piece and only appears when you do. This practically means that the 50 people (maybe you included?) are handed a flashlight and together light up a building and create a temporary light installation.

Show up at the head entrance of the university and take a tour around the exhibition.

If you want to be a part of the installation, you can volunteer at

7 July: Late night hunting

Posted 7 July 2011 by Plyck
Jægersborggade, Copenhagen N Show map
Free entrance

17-20 // free entrance

If you are slowly recovering after Roskilde Festival, this is the event to attend – A summer night with jazz, performance, exhibition, sales and ice cream.

Jægersborggade will be buzzing with life and jazz from artists such as Mads La Cour & Kalas, ASE and others.

Skin’n’Bone Tattoo goes Viking with twist bread for the kids and mead for the adults.

Retro will introduce an alcoholic aperitif from Italy and Ro Chokolade serves blackcurrant sorbet – Both very suitable for the summer days and nights.

Damernes Magasin will start their summer sale, so drop by and get 40% off everything from Best Behavior, Ganni and Wauw.

So if you are looking for a low-key and cozy experience, visit Jægersborggade Thursday from 17-20.

See the full program on Facebook.

9 June: Opening: 5 x Personal Projects

Posted 8 June 2011 by Lene
Øksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11, Copenhagen V Show map
Free entrance

17-19 // free entrance

This thursday Copenhagen Photo Festival will be kick started by the opening of the exhibition:

5 x personal projects.

I have taken a small peep and I most say I am truly impressed by the work and the diversity of the subjetcs represented:

Maria Fonfara shows scenes, which most people probably don’t see very often about love, sex and intimacy in the third age, about loosing your partner and accepting the decay of the body.


Christian Holst takes you to Burma, one of the poorest countries in the world, where people are strongly oppressed by social inequality and disrespected human rights.

Thomas Lekfeldt tells the story of three poor, danish families and the missing resources in their daily life, which most people probably take for granded.

Mads Nissen puts a focus on Denmark’s fallen soldiers and shows photos kindly provided by  families who have lost someone in the war against terror in Afghanistan.

Last but definitely not least Jonathan Bjerg Møller emphasizes the forgotten food crisis in Niger, where more than 10 million people were starving and in great need of help, but never came even close to the media’s attention because of the simultaneously happening earthquake in Haiti and floods in Pakistan.

To see more, check out:

The exhibition will run from 9th-19th of June.

8 April: David Shrigley exhibition

Posted 7 April 2011 by Leh
Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Ny Carlsbergvej OG, Vesterbro Show map
free entrance

17:00 – 20:00 // free entrance

Seriously – you don’t want to miss out on this one.

David Shrigley is one of my favourite artists – and I’m sure he will grab your attention as well.

Shrigley amouses you, makes you wonder and reflect on life – and he does it with the most naive drawings you’ve seen.

The exhibition takes place at Gallery Nicolai Wallner and Carlsberg is the refreshment sponsor (did anyone say free beers?)

Read more about the exhibition on facebook

9 July: WAS Opening – Lonely Fruit

Posted 8 July 2010 by Mai Ji
@ WAS Gallery, Absalonsgade 21B, Copenhagen V Show map

17:00-22:00 // Free entrance

This summer WAS gallery has invited the young photographer Alastair Philip Wiper to show his fascinating work. The solo exhibition is called ‘Lonely Fruit’ which refers to people, animals and specific objects all isolated in their surroundings – sometimes lost and confused, sometimes tranquil and at peace.

Alastair Philip Wiper is a British, Copenhagen based photographer with a burning need to see more things and experience new situations and at the same time with a great appreciation of the quiet, lonely, isolated and almost meditative moments.

So if you’re out for a walk about in Vesterbro you should drop by WAS and give yourself a short break the aesthetically way. The exhibition runs from July 9 until July 23.

Facebook event

6 June: Settings of Good Grub Opening Party

Posted 1 June 2010 by Magda

@ Urban Outfitters, Østergade 42, Copenhagen K
12:00- 16:00 // Free entrance

It all started with a blog: easy recipes that can be made by anyone proving that food can be pretty and tasty. Its creator – Daniel Penn (recently awarded with Raymond Blanc young chefs award), decided to go further with his project and publish a zine presenting his recipes in an artistic way in a form of a cookbook.

This time his project is taken into a whole new level – the principle is that food should be a part of our lives as well as music. Therefore, what we will experience is an exhibition of table settings instead of food photos as well as three bands accompanying the whole event: The Kites, Michael Wexler from Inlet Sound and Cavio. Paintings on the walls are done by the artist of previously published cookbook, Samantha Taylor. We should expect fabulous caramel popcorn.

Exhibition runs into July.

Facebook Event

Good Grub