The Venus labyrinth

Posted 20 March 2012 by Leh

Guest writer and passionate Copenhagen lover Nikolaj, who is also the man behind the blog Stauning eller Kaos recommends you to pay a visit to The Venus Labyrinth.


“No excuse! Do not miss out on this thrilling experience.

The Venus Labyrinth is an individual and interactive journey that contains 28 installation rooms, corresponding to the 28 known areas of the human brain, each room inhabited by a woman/performer. Each spectator enters the labyrinth alone, with a few minutes interval, and joins these women in a unique, sensorial and emotional experience. No spectator is presented with the entire labyrinth; no two spectators will view or share the same experience.

First you enter a large room. Lying among others you have to choose three objects, that’ll determine which rooms you’ll visit during your stay in the labyrinth.
The first room I visited was called ‘emotional centers’. Before I entered the room I was told to put on a blindfold. I did and a woman led me inside the room. Soft classical music was playing and we started to dance. First a bit awkward, but I got into it and began to feel comfortable. She was humming along to the tune. Our bodies were close. But suddenly she started to cry – at first silently then louder and more hysterically. A bit later her mood suddenly changed, and she started laughing. We were still dancing. Then the music grew more intense, and then she started screaming and went banging on the walls! After the outburst she came back to me, calmed down and we danced again. She started to hum like in the beginning. Relaxed. After a while the music stopped. She told me to take of the blindfold. She looked me straight in the eyes, while I left the room.

I visited two more rooms – each very different. One of them was named ‘sexuality’ and that room were even more intense than the first room I visited. But I won’t tell you what happened in there. You have to go see for yourself. An exhilarating experience awaits.

/ Stauning eller Kaos.”


24 February: Laser beams in a church

Posted 21 February 2012 by Leh
Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Nikolaj church at Nikolaj Plads 10, city Show map
no entrance fee

19:30 – 21:30 // no entrance fee

If you’re already in the inner city of Copenhagen, I suggest you to stop by Nikolaj Church for a vj experience.

Until now, I’ve only experienced vj’s as a supplement to another performance, but now, as a part of the video art festival ‘Fokus’, the vj Max Beta will have the honor of being the sole attraction.

We saw how beautiful a vj can light up a church, when Brorsons Church held their annual electro night last spring. This is also the reason why this event got my attention – laser beams shaping changing and elusive spaces inside a church accompanied by a background soundscape just sound delicious to me.

15 November: Guerrilla Lighting

Posted 10 October 2011 by Leh
IT University, head entrance, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, Ørestad Show map
free entrance

19:00 – 20:30 // No entrance fee

Fall has come and the darkness with it. I say, why not exploit the darkness instead of mourning the light of summer?
This is exactly what Guerrilla Lighting is about; cutting through darkness with numerous colors, making the night appear as your allie.
The installation is a living piece and only appears when you do. This practically means that the 50 people (maybe you included?) are handed a flashlight and together light up a building and create a temporary light installation.

Show up at the head entrance of the university and take a tour around the exhibition.

If you want to be a part of the installation, you can volunteer at

21 Oct + 4 Nov: Wunderkammer ‘Drive In’

Posted 21 October 2010 by Mai Ji
NY TAP (Carlsberg), Pasteursvej 54, Copenhagen V Show map

16:30-19:30 // 50 Dkk (free entrance until 19:30)

Go to Ny Tap at Carlsberg and experience the first project from Wunderkammer.

The entire space in the building is transformed into a scenario which is likely to bring your thoughts back to a surreal scene from a 1950s ‘Drive In’ movie.

Wunderkammer is an artistic initiative that attempts to create platforms for artists from all disciplines interested in incorporating their work into live-events. So you can expect micro performance installations thorughout the evening.
16.30: Luke Cooper, co-founder of Wunderkammer, talks about working with public-absorbing performances as part of the city’s development.
17.30: Take a look at some of the other creative workshops in Ny Tap
18.30: Talk at the ‘drive in’ bar
19.30: Show of the evening (a mix of acrobats, film, visuals and sound)

The show runs until Nov 13 but what’s special about the two specific days is that you’re invited behind the scenes of the show and the Ny Tap building so go and have a sneak peek.

19-21 August: Galore

Posted 4 August 2010 by Anne
@Valby Kulturhus, Toftegårdsplads, Valby Show map

Thu 18:00-22:00, Fri+Sat 12:00-02:00 // free entrance

Galore art event ValbyGo check out a good selection of Denmark’s unestablished and uncensored young contemporary artists at Galore. The days will be filled with both painting, installation, street art, drawings, experimental music and film screenings.

Activities will take place both inside, outside, up, down and in every possible corner. At Toftegårds Plads you can also participate in workshops: Thursday and Friday, you can redesign your furniture and Saturday, come pimp your bike.

This is the third time Galore takes place and this year about 100 artists are participating. Experience for instance the graffiti and street art collective called The Nom Nom Collective, which among others include the Danish street artists Lints.

Galore is organized by Kraftwerket – a platform run by Copenhagen Municipality for young people to play with art, culture and democracy.

2-23 August: 500 stand-ins for the Little Mermaid

Posted 2 August 2010 by Mai Ji
Nyhavn, Kgs Nytorv 1, Copenhagen K Show map

11:00-13:00 during the whole period // free entrance

As many of you might have heard the Little Mermaid is away on a business kind of vacation in Shanghai, further understood she’s hanging out in the Danish Pavilion during the EXPO2010.

But fear not – The Little Mermaid Temp Agency invites you to help fill out the void while she’s away so this is your chance to live out the mermaid/merman dream for exactly 15 minutes (from a better view).

And the instructions are simple because there are no! So how you wish to spend your precious temp period on the ‘temp rock’ is completely up to you.

Just follow the link below for further info and booking of a temp period and send an email to

Afterwards you can definitely show off as all temporary mermaids will be honored with their very own certificate including a portrait issued by the Little Mermaid Temp Agency – not bad!

Facebook event

30 July-1 August: Trailerpark Festival 2010

Posted 21 July 2010 by Mai Ji
@Cph Skatepark, Enghavevej 78, Copenhagen SV Show map

Friday 18:00 – Sunday 01:00 // 100-300 Dkk (depending on pass)

Once again it’s time for the annual celebration of art and music put together in one big lovely package of genuine respect for the artists who dare to challenge.

The Trailerpark festival organized and produced by Artrebels is already known for its charming ability to master the difficult art of balancing between experimental artistic expressions and music and dj features.

So sit tight and enjoy sweetness from Danish artists like Vinnie Who, Fallulah and Chimes & Bells, Prinzhorn Danceschool from UK or German djs like DJ Hell and Krause Duo among others.

With a mixed constellation of both Copenhagener and international artists the Artrebels crew will show you that vibrant and colorful expression has much to say.

Are colors the new black? Decide for yourself during the last weekend of July. We look forward to say hello to all of you!

Buy tickets here

18-23 May: Re-New Digital Arts Festival

Posted 12 May 2010 by Anne

@ Huset Magstræde, Rådhusstræde 13, Copenhagen K
Live-acts are 30 Dkk. Free entrance to installations and video works

If you are into digital art and music and the use of new media, then visit Re-New to see what potentials and limitations there are in the interaction between man and machine. It is entertaining, fun and weird – just as we like it!

This geeky experimentarium is a niche of art operating in the field between play, art and research. You can meet artists, programmers and djs which have all contributed to the festival.

Live-acts includes names such as Mikkel Meyer and the duo Manzolli and Traldi, who will perform a concert from sensory movements with their hands.

23 October: Ung Kunst Opening

Posted 10 October 2009 by Anne

@ Råhuset, Onkel Danny Plads 7, Copenhagen V

image_1_danish_197Ung Kunst – meaning Young Art – is a six-day festival and exhibition in Råhuset featuring young Danish artists. 40 artists will show painting, photography, installation, video, sculpture, dance etc. Thulebasen will be performing at the opening.

Besides the exhibition, you can and participate in workshops and artist talks.

Ung Kunst is taking place from 23 – 28 October 2009. Yoyo Oyoy is in charge of the music on Sunday.

9-11 October: Galore

Posted 27 September 2009 by Anne

@ Valby Kulturhus, Toftegårdsplads, Valby
Free entrance

galoreThree days of art and mayhem in five floors – young installation art, video, images, sounds and street art from more than 40 artists.

Galore is an explosive shout-out from the young creative art scene that calls for curiosity, exaggeration and attention. Lots of artists as well as djs and bands (check the website for line-up and details)

Opening Party 9 October at 18:00
Sunday finishes off with a sofa punk-show.

5 september: KT09 Opening

Posted 1 September 2009 by Anne

@ Kultorvet, Copenhagen K
15:00 // Free

Come for the opening of KT09 – a user-driven installation that will enable people to decorate the square as they like.

There will be bubbles and jazz.

48 different cubes will be placed in the square for people to interact and experiment with. Go build your own urban space.

The performative urban space will take place until 29 September 2009.