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The Venus labyrinth

Posted 20 March 2012 by Leh

Guest writer and passionate Copenhagen lover Nikolaj, who is also the man behind the blog Stauning eller Kaos recommends you to pay a visit to The Venus Labyrinth.


“No excuse! Do not miss out on this thrilling experience.

The Venus Labyrinth is an individual and interactive journey that contains 28 installation rooms, corresponding to the 28 known areas of the human brain, each room inhabited by a woman/performer. Each spectator enters the labyrinth alone, with a few minutes interval, and joins these women in a unique, sensorial and emotional experience. No spectator is presented with the entire labyrinth; no two spectators will view or share the same experience.

First you enter a large room. Lying among others you have to choose three objects, that’ll determine which rooms you’ll visit during your stay in the labyrinth.
The first room I visited was called ‘emotional centers’. Before I entered the room I was told to put on a blindfold. I did and a woman led me inside the room. Soft classical music was playing and we started to dance. First a bit awkward, but I got into it and began to feel comfortable. She was humming along to the tune. Our bodies were close. But suddenly she started to cry – at first silently then louder and more hysterically. A bit later her mood suddenly changed, and she started laughing. We were still dancing. Then the music grew more intense, and then she started screaming and went banging on the walls! After the outburst she came back to me, calmed down and we danced again. She started to hum like in the beginning. Relaxed. After a while the music stopped. She told me to take of the blindfold. She looked me straight in the eyes, while I left the room.

I visited two more rooms – each very different. One of them was named ‘sexuality’ and that room were even more intense than the first room I visited. But I won’t tell you what happened in there. You have to go see for yourself. An exhilarating experience awaits.

/ Stauning eller Kaos.”


20 January: Nightmarket//party at the theater

Posted 8 January 2012 by Leh
Bremen Teater, Nyrupsgade 39 - 41, city Show map
50 kr.

20:00 – 02:00 // 50 DKK

The theater Bremen has put some of my favorite activities in a pot and stirred it around.

Charismatic flee market in between blue velvet theatre chairs. Burgers flipped and sold directly from the bike on the stage. Drinks, dj,s and live music.

Remember to bring cash.

You’ll definitely see me there.

See event on facebook

15 April: Premiere on “Drift”

Posted 18 March 2011 by Leh
Københavns Musikteater, Kronprinsensgade 7, City Show map
Entrance 50 Dkk

20:00 – 22:00 // entrance 50 Dkk


Københavns Musikteater (Copenhagen Music Theatre) has a broad variety of genres which include both drama and music. It’s located in one of the beautiful protected houses in inner Copenhagen and is worth a visit, if you’re into small stage performances. If you’re curious to visit the theater, check out the performance Drift.

Drift is a two-parted investigation of the human being as a creature controlled by drives – captured between culture and biology.

Drift places itself in the crossfire between human’s biological drives and culturel behaviour. “We civilize ourselves in the morning” as poet Kirsten Hammann put it. Sure thing – but after we have past midday, the drives have messed up the shiny surface. It’s a take over from the inside – a civilization under attack by the inner forces.

The first part of Drift is a solo performed by dancer Kitt Johnson, part two is performed by FORUM HUMANUM and has a scheduled premier in 2013

Buy the tickets at

See event on facebook

25 March: Masked Disco Ball

Posted 14 March 2011 by Leh
Bolsjefabrikken, Lærkevej 11, Nord Vest Show map
Entrance 25 Dkk

20:00 – ?? // entrance 25 Dkk

Did you miss out on all the Fastelavn parties in february? Don’t worry, grab your mask and be welcomed by the traveling theatre troop La Familia Mascarada for a night with spectacular performances, interactive theatre and disco fever.

Come masked and collect a free drink at the door – masks are available on the night if you forget yours. Bolsjefabrikken recomments you to be there from the very beginning for the full experience.

Later in the evening you are lured with INTENCE DISCO FEVER DJs – Don’t know what that is, but I’m curious to find out.

Check the full and detailed program (in english) on the event on facebook.

17 October: 117 ways to kill your pet – based on a true story

Posted 17 October 2009 by Mai Ji

@Teater Fantast, Kronprinsensgade 7, 1114 Copenhagen K
17:00 // 120 Dkk

Teater FantastA black and tragicomic musical synopsis that portrays the first meeting with death. You can expect grotesque pet stories that illustrates how children experience loss. A play based on children, but certainly not suitable for children!

The music is provided by the rapper Jooks and the multi-talented Prins Nitram. Credits are Stine Q Pagh and Ditte Y Olsen. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance. Experience the play until 31 Oktober.