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16 March: Churchill in Brorsons Church

Posted 14 March 2012 by Leh
Brorsons Kirke, Rantzausgade 49, Nørrebro Show map
no entrance fee

20:00 – 23:59 // no entrance fee

Churchill - definitely top 3 of my favorite events of the year.

Basically you lie on the floor on madrases in an old school church (!!!) while listening to soothing electro and watching the vj team Obscura’s visuals in the church ceiling. This truly is a devine experience that you do not want to miss!

Check out pictures from last year event.

If you are not convinced yet, I can tell you that there will be served hot cocoa and freshly baked roles. How about now? convinced?


15 November: Guerrilla Lighting

Posted 10 October 2011 by Leh
IT University, head entrance, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, Ørestad Show map
free entrance

19:00 – 20:30 // No entrance fee

Fall has come and the darkness with it. I say, why not exploit the darkness instead of mourning the light of summer?
This is exactly what Guerrilla Lighting is about; cutting through darkness with numerous colors, making the night appear as your allie.
The installation is a living piece and only appears when you do. This practically means that the 50 people (maybe you included?) are handed a flashlight and together light up a building and create a temporary light installation.

Show up at the head entrance of the university and take a tour around the exhibition.

If you want to be a part of the installation, you can volunteer at

Mike Sheridan in Brorsons Church

Posted 7 April 2011 by Leh

March 11th a couple of Hello Copenhageners went to Brorsons Church to listen to electro/ alternative music.

When we got there, people were lying all over the floor, just giving into the music. The only light came from the Vj’s light maschine which gave the whole experience a sinister fairytale feeling.

 I’m sure this event will be in my top ten events of this year and I hope it was not the last time the church gets invaded by light and soothing sounds.

My friend and photographer Kenneth Nguyen covered the event: 

See all the pictures at K-Nguyen’s photo blog

12 March: Churchill #22

Posted 7 March 2010 by Anne

@ Brorson Church, Rantzausgade 49, Copenhagen N
19:00-23:55 // Free entrance

For the first time this year, the recurrent electronic chill-out event will take place in the Brorson Church.

This evening there is an awesome line-up that will give you an ambient experience and turn the church space upside down with experimental visuals.

All through the night, there will be steaming hot chili cocoa and freshly baked buns. Sounds like the perfect match.

Music by:
19.00 St8 of Mind (New Folder)
19.30 Zack Christ
20.15 St8 of Mind (New Folder)
21.30 Mikkel Meyer
22.15 Dub Tractor
23.15 CPH CPU (Pastaklubben

Visuals by:
Kobe (New Folder)

5 February: Diamond Night

Posted 30 January 2010 by Anne

@ The Black Diamond,
20:00-01// 70 Dkk with film // 50 Dkk without film

The architectural landmark the Royal Library is hosting an evening that mixes different cultural genres. With this, the Royal Library wishes to create a unique experience of music, film, literature, dance, art, culture, happenings, lounge and djs.

18:00: Special screening of Per Fly’s Kvinden Der Drømte Om En Mand.

Concert: Nana Jacobi w. guest performance by Gunnar Halle
Reading: Stine Stengade
Dance: Dansk Danseteater
Future Shorts Short films
Films from the National Film School of Denmark
Stand up Comedy: Linda P and Christiaon Fuhlendorff
Concert: Mikael Simpson
Djs: Miss OTB & Djuna Barnes
Soundscapes by Sofus Forsberg

There will also be free entrance to the exhibitions. And restaurant Søren K will take care of delicacies and bubbles. (description only in Danish)

30 January: Return of Investment

Posted 23 January 2010 by Anne

@ B7, Stefansgade 7b, Copenhagen N
20:00-03:00 // 50 Dkk

This first ROI of the year will offer an interesting cocktail of ethereal ambient sound, melodic electronica and noise-inspired compositions of high quality. Everything wrapped into challenging visual projections.

The evening will consist of:

Wunderbaum Releaseparty på “The wonderful world of…wbaum”
Jonas Olesen LIVE
CPH CPU LIVE (Pastaklubben)
DJ Wrong Planet (Small things on sundays)
DJ Schmid
VJ Artwerk
VJ Kobe (New Folder)

Facebook event (in Danish)

Alloy Alloy + Are You Still Puzzled???

Posted 2 January 2010 by Anne

@ Beta, Øresundsvej 6, 2300 Kbh S
20:00 // 50 Dkk

The new club in town – elektroklubben – invites you to an evening with pumping beats, energetic vocals and melodic synth when Alloy Alloy is visiting the place.

You can also check out Are You Still Puzzled??? who performs with toys, costumes, video screen, dance choreography and much more. Childish behavior is welcome.

Also djs Hoppeborgen Crew and visuals by Artefakt.

Elektroklubben is a new club in the venue BETA that focuses on experimental electronic music. According to their facebook group, they will come up with more events that mix live music with interactive installations.

Facebook Event (in Danish)

14 November: Return of Investment

Posted 6 November 2009 by Anne

@ B7, Stefansgade 7b, Copenhagen N
20:00-03:00 // 40 Dkk

return of investmentNew Folder is in for a evening of musical delicacies with the title “Return of Investment: Software as Service”

ACTRESS LIVE (WERK/UK) – an artist, which according to Dazed&Confused is so underground that even his friends doubt his existence.

MIKKEL MEYER RELEASEPARTY (STATLER WALDORF) – not quite sure whether he’s a chef or a musician, but I heard something about jazzy electronica and dustup is being stirred.

8 EXPLORATIONS DJSET (NEW FOLDER) – Emiru and Sly Nein from New Folder will give you dirty downtempo and some danceable twostep/techno with an attitude.

PSI-MONO DJSET (HEST/PONY) – aka Dunkel’s Simon Olsson’s electronica and dubstep.

NATURE WON LIVE (STATLER WALDORF) – atmospheric electronica from Rasmus Møbius and Morten Bang Larsen.

Facebook event

6-8 Novemer: ArtExchange

Posted 2 November 2009 by Anne

@ Helligåndshuset, Niels Hemmingsensgade 5, Copenhagen K (Strøget)
Free entrance // Afterparty 40 Dkk

artexchange22 young artists showcase their conceptual works. Come by to see how the artists of today’s society see ‘value’ from an artistic perspective. There will also be live art perfomances and djs on Friday and Saturday evening will take care of a good atmosphere.

After the opening on Friday, you can head further on to the Afterparty at Kødboderne18. Here, Club D.A.R.E. will keep the party going with large scale electro, disco, fidget house, rock and artsy visuals.

Friday: 10 -19:00 // Fernis 19-22:00 // Afterparty! 23-05:00
Saturday: 12- 22:00
Sunday: 10-15:00

ArtExchange is organized by Artmoney and Artefakt
Facebook event

12 November: YouTube Battle

Posted 21 October 2009 by Anne

@ Pumpehuset, Studiestræde 52, Copenhagen K
21:00 // 50 Dkk

youtube battleCph Dox invites you to a gigantic YouTube party. Do you want to be in for the prizes, then hurry and sign up. Thomas Fleurquin and Crunchy Frog Crew are already in the competition. Couples are welcome.

Or simply join and watch all the awesome battles on the large screen.

sign up by mailing name, adress, phone or maybe selected clips to

30 October: Cartune Xprez

Posted 18 October 2009 by Anne

@ Husets Teater, Halmtorvet 9, Copenhagen V
22:30 // 60 Dkk

drakelgJazz Club Loco presents Cartune Xprez: Film screening of ‘Dark Lenses’ + live performance.

Cartune Xprez has for several years toured the US and shown series of animated films from both established and upcoming video artists. For their show in Copenhagen they have brought a special collection of animations, claymation, datamosh and collage films. The surreal and psychedelic films will be projected onto a inflatable landscape of lighting crystals.

Afterwards, concert with art duo Hooliganship and Tony Lamburg accompanied by visuals.